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Kotak - IIT Madras Save Energy Mission (KISEM)

Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Welcome to KISEM

We Save Energy for Industries, Commercial Establishments, and All Types of Bulk Consumers Across the Globe!!!

Established as Industrial Energy Assessment Cell in the year 2018 as an integral part of IITM, and then later expanded to Kotak IIT Madras Save Energy Mission (KISEM) with the CSR support from Kotak Mahindra Bank in the year 2022 with the primary objective of enabling energy efficiency in the Indian MSMEs by providing various types of energy assessment services that result in decarbonisation of manufacturing sector via energy conservation. This has been primarily modelled along the successful DOE programme in the USA by establishing multiple energy assessment centres that has been operational for several years.

Motto – Enabling Energy Efficiency for a Sustainable Future!!!






Total Savings

50-200 Cr

Turnover range of firms audited

126191.027 MT

Carbon Savings



Energy Savings

we cover

All Manufacturing Sectors

Scope of KISEM Program

The entire energy assessment and sustainability study will be performed by the KISEM assessment team comprising of BEE certified energy auditors & managers and well-trained energy professionals along with the help of necessary instrumentation and resources. This study aims to identify, evaluate and recommend various potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) to conserve energy and its cost through detailed performance analysis of industrial plant process and its utilities. The recommendations will be based on observations and measurements taken at the plant during the assessment. Also, it will take into account all the details that will be furnished by the customer so that we can do a proper assessment of the energy consumption.

The incorporation of these recommendations will improve profitability, which also fulfils the organizations’ social responsibilities toward resource conservation and environmental impact reduction. This, indeed, provides an avenue to involve oneself in a socially responsible activity by servicing a dire need in India – energy conservation and awareness.

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