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Kotak - IIT Madras Save Energy Mission (KISEM)

Indian Institute of Technology Madras


The subject plant is located in district of and falls under NIC Category-24319. This assessment was carried out by the IEAC Center, IIT Hyderabad, during the course of the year 2023.

General Info

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Assessment Summary

Total Energy Costs(per year)


Total Recommended Investment(one time)


Total Recommended Savings(per year)


Energy Costs Calculation

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Unit Cost


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Observations & Recommendations
BR - Boiler & Steam Line
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Idle time is observed after the molten metal is ready for pouringMould should be ready prior to molten material. Furnace lid can be used during idle time of operation to reduce radiation heat loss. Power settings should be adjusted during this period.1,73,000₹13,14,800₹1,00,0000.9
Idle time is observed in between chargingThe raw material must be weighed and arranged on melt floor near to furnace before starting the melting and the maximum size of single piece of metal/scrap should not be more than 1/3rd. of diameter of furnace
Furnace is charged beyond the coil level. 300 kg capacity furnace is charged with more than 350 kg and 500 kg capacity furnace is charged with more thanCharge the furnace to its capacity only
Un-necessary superheating of metal is observed in both the furnacesTemperature measurement should be done frequently90,215₹6,85,631₹25,0000.4
Ladle is pre-heated with molten metal once in dayLadle can be heated by energy efficient LPG pre-heater28,833₹2,19,133₹5,00,00027.4
CR - Compressor
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Overall air leakages are highArrest air leakages regularly in the compressed air lines81,052₹6,15,999₹30,0000.6
Screw compressors unloading time is highCompressor 1 and Compressor 3 can be operated with vfd drive. Compressor 2 can be kept as standby27,437₹2,08,517₹1,00,0005.8
HVC - Heating Ventilation & Cooling
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
High surface temperature on the chemical reservoirProvide proper thermal insulation to the chemical reservoir4,742₹36,038₹50001.7
DM - Demand Management
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Contract demand with PSPCL in over utilisedIncrease contract demand to 1000 kVA₹1,54,967₹100000.8
CPF - Capacitor & Power Factor
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Two faulty and One disconnected capacitors foundReplace the faulty capacitors11,970₹90,972₹200002.6