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Kotak - IIT Madras Save Energy Mission (KISEM)

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The subject plant is located in Ludhiana district of Punjab and falls under NIC Category-24319. This assessment was carried out by the IEAC Center, IIT Ropar, during the course of the year 2023.

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Assessment Summary

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Energy Costs Calculation

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Observations & Recommendations
BR - Boiler & Steam Line
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Un-necessary super-heating of metal is observed in the furnace (127°C difference is observed between tapping temperature to first box pouring temperature)It is recommended to provide proper insulation of the ladle including its cover and preheat ladle in each cycle to the required temperature76,936₹5,38,553₹2,00,0004.5
Ladle is preheated with molten metal once in dayLadle can be heated by energy efficient LPG pre-heater64,839₹4,53,872₹50000013.2
Idle time is observed after the molten metal is ready for pouringMould should be ready prior to molten material. Reduce the power to half after reaching maximum temperature51,878₹3,63,145₹1,00,0003.3
Idle time is observed in between chargingThe raw material must be weighed and arranged on melt floor near to furnace before starting the melting and the maximum size of single piece of metal/scrap should not be more than 1/3rd. of diameter of furnace crucible. Also, adjust the power input to the furnace to avoid superheating during the idle operation in between charging
Radiation loss through furnace opening is very highIt is recommended to provide a door to the furnace and it should be closed during idle operation of furnace and in between charging to minimise the radiation heat loss.33,066₹2,31,462₹25,0001.3
CR - Compressor
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Overall air leakages are highArrest all air leakages regularly in the compressed air lines33,066₹2,31,462₹25,0001.3
Pressure setting is higher (Loading pressure 7 bar and Unloading pressure 8 bar)It is recommended to reduce 1 bar pressure. (Unloading pressure 7 bar)3,059₹21,415₹5,0002.8
CT - Cooling Tower
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
One excess pump is in operation to pump soft water to the cooling tower.Modify the pipe line, so that hot water can directly go to the cooling tower and remove the excess pump in operation19,434₹1,36,039₹10,0000.9
CPF - Capacitor & Power Factor
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Power factor maintained in the utility transformer is observed as very low (0.84)Replace the faulty capacitors from the APFC panel install additional 55 kVAR to the APFC panel82,703₹5,78,925₹25,0000.5
ALS - Alternate Source of Power
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Source of Electricity is only utility grid. There is no any renewable energy source is availableInstall roof-top 538 kWp grid tied Solar PV power plant at the free space available on the top of the plant6,46,154₹45,23,077₹2,69,23,07771.4