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The subject plant is located in district of and falls under NIC Category-24319. This assessment was carried out by the IEAC Center, IIT Bombay, during the course of the year 2023.

General Info

Principal Product

Continuous Casting & Re-rolling mills

Plant Area (Sq.ft)


No. of Employees


Production Hours


Annual Production

Annual Sales


Assessment Summary

Total Energy Costs(per year)


Total Recommended Investment(one time)


Total Recommended Savings(per year)


Energy Costs Calculation

Annual Usage




Unit Cost


Annual Cost


Total Energy Costs(per year)


Observations & Recommendations
CPF - Capacitor & Power Factor
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Some LT side capacitor banks are deratedThe capacitors which are not working and derated should be replaced and the remaining should be maintained periodically
Reactive Power is both leading and lagging in supply side of plantGo for HT Fixed Capacitors and LT APFC arrangement. Even separate 3 breakers can be provided for HT Capacitor banks (2 * 1200 kVAR + 600 kVAR.)5,07,619₹45,58,415₹10,00,0002.6
Supply side current harmonics are highFifth Harmonics have the major role. Harmonic filter should be installed for suppressing 5th harmonic current.
BR - Boiler & Steam Line
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
No segregation and weighing of scraps. Also too long charging time even though shredder is usedApart from shredder machine, Hydraulic presser can be used for bundling the scraps43,80,000₹3,93,32,400₹10,00,0000.3
The ladle after pouring takes 32 – 35 mins for complete casting process and the ladle mouth temperature is above 900 deg CRadiation losses after Pouring can be reduced by closing the ladle with thermal insulation lids on top of Ladle mouth.3,03,985₹27,29,783₹1,00,0000.4
The effectiveness of Furnace 1 and 3 heat exchangers is not goodVFD should be installed in pump to optimise the flow for best effectiveness
MT - Motors
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Both the mills were running almost full time even if there is no real need for the sameThe line from CCM to mills can be doubled and used for both mills to increase productivity. Both nozzles of Tundish should be operated simultaneously by increasing the ladle discharge9,63,600₹86,53,128₹5,00,0000.7
No automation in the mills and frequent breakdown alsoAutomate the mills₹10,00,000₹8,00,0009.6
The conveyor slope is too high where many time break down occursUse hydraulic lift and rearrange the system so that break down can be reduced.
BL - Blower
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Fume collector fan is running full timeClosed Loop VFD system should be installed. Where blower is common, individual dampers can be provided and operated in cooperation with the Sensing mechanism2,95,650₹26,54,937₹10,00,0004.5
CT - Cooling Tower
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Cooling tower 3 (common) is used to circulate the water and Both return from furnace and heat exchanger is jointly going to the cooling towersSeparate the inlets of cooling towers and use cooling tower 3 only for the DM water heat exchangers