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Kotak - IIT Madras Save Energy Mission (KISEM)

Indian Institute of Technology Madras


The subject plant is located in district of and falls under NIC Category-27. This assessment was carried out by the IEAC Center, IIT Indore, during the course of the year 2023.

General Info

Principal Product

LED street lights and LED flood lights

Plant Area (Sq.ft)


No. of Employees


Production Hours


Annual Production


Annual Sales


Assessment Summary

Total Energy Costs(per year)


Total Recommended Investment(one time)


Total Recommended Savings(per year)


Energy Costs Calculation

Annual Usage




Unit Cost


Annual Cost


Total Energy Costs(per year)


Observations & Recommendations
CR - Compressor
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Overall air leakages are found to be high at different points of the circuitArrest air leakages regularly by conducting maintenance of compressed air system consisting of the plant, circuit and fittings.21,270₹2,55,242₹1,29,0007
Screw compressor - unloading time is high due to varying pressure demandExisting screw compressors could be retrofitted with a VFD drive and optimize power consumption according to actual pressure demand58700₹704400₹3000006
CT - Cooling Tower
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
The Cooling tower is underloaded and effectiveness is found lowImprove range by reducing waterflow rate by installing and operating the pump using VFD and intermediate operation of fan8125₹73123₹500009
HVC - Heating Ventilation & Cooling
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Heat lost through air gaps near front door edges, rear door edges and bottom railings.Seal the air gaps and Provide thermal insulation at the high temperature surfaces1846₹16616₹3000022
Ceiling fans used in the plant area and office are inefficient conventional typeReplace 22 Nos of Conventional ceiling fans with BEE 5 Star Label BLDC ceiling fans1126₹10134₹2240027
CPF - Capacitor & Power Factor
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Average Power factor maintained is poor at the range of 0.83 Lag, due to which PF surcharge is imposed at 40% of Annual Electricity Bill. AFPC panel is not in working condition.Do adequate maintenance and repairs of the APFC panel including replacement of damaged capacitors and auxiliaries and improve power factor to near unity to reduce contract demand and avoid PF surcharge₹131802₹500005
DM - Demand Management
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
MCH Furnace is operated in ON/OFF control mode, even though smooth ramp PID controlled Thyristor Converter based heater modulating system is availableOperate using PID controlled Thyristor Converter and reduce Maximum Demand by 14 kVA and save demand charges₹100785₹100002
ALS - Alternate Source of Power
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Electricity is consumed from utility grid alone and there is no source of renewable energy in the plantInstall a Rooftop 22 kWp grid tied Solar PV power plant at the free space available on the top of the plant roofing to harvest clean renewable energy26400₹316800₹110000042