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The subject plant is located in district of and falls under NIC Category-29301. This assessment was carried out by the IEAC Center, IIT Indore, during the course of the year 2023.

General Info

Principal Product

Engines for Trucks, Buses and Marine applications

Plant Area (Sq.ft)


No. of Employees


Production Hours


Annual Production


Annual Sales


Assessment Summary

Total Energy Costs(per year)


Total Recommended Investment(one time)


Total Recommended Savings(per year)


Energy Costs Calculation

Annual Usage




Unit Cost


Annual Cost



Annual Usage




Unit Cost


Annual Cost


Total Energy Costs(per year)


Observations & Recommendations
CR - Compressor
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Overall air leakages are found to be high at different points of the circuitArrest air leakages regularly by conducting maintenance of compressed air system consisting of the plant circuit and fittings.1,30,701₹9,93,327₹3,08,0004
Common distribution line used for all applicationsSeparate distribution line for low pressure applications such as cleaning42361₹321944₹30000012
HVC - Heating Ventilation & Cooling
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Conventional Electric Resistance heaters are used to heat coolant used for Engine Cylinder head washing unitInstall Energy Efficient Air to Water Heat Pump combined with Plate Heat exchanger and keep existing Electric Resistance heaters as standby82134₹1716596₹5600004
Conventional Electric Resistance heaters are used for drying painted parts in the drying ovenRecover waste heat from compressor exhausts and feed to paint the drying oven with proper air inlet and discharge ducting and existing Electric Resistance heaters as standby.54750₹416100₹2000006
Conventional Ceiling fans are usedReplace with Energy Efficient BLDC Ceiling fans4860₹39936₹4800015
Conventional Wall fans are used in the Office SpacesReplace with Energy Efficient BLDC Ceiling fans4500₹39200₹8000025
CT - Cooling Tower
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Cooling Tower fan operate 24x7 irrespective to loadInstall VFD for Cooling tower fan and operate as per the approach temperature.3504₹26630₹4000019
Pressurised water return line from the Engine Test cell is discharge to common sump tank In the existing system, dynamometer cooling water is delivered to Heat Exchanger CT pump operate irrespective to loadAvoid discharging in common sump tank. Provide dedicated pump above the test cell and deliver water directly to HE. Required pump of 2 bar pressure and 95 m3/ hr water flow rate. Avoid delivering Dyno cooling water to HE and reduce the load on HE and Cooling Tower. Required pump of 2 bar and 30 m3/ hr with sump tank. Provide VFD controlled to CT pump with feedback of range and provide proportionate flow with respect to RO Water38196₹290290₹1000005
TR - Transformer
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Losses are found to be higher than standard limitsUndergo routine maintenance, oil filtration, breather replacement, overall check-up etc.109609₹833033₹1000002
LT - Lighting
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Conventional CFL Lighting is used in certain areas of the office spaceReplace with Energy Efficient LED Lighting14191₹107852₹14400017
Common area and corridor lights are always switched ONInstall IR Occupancy sensors and automatically manage lighting in common areas5729₹43450₹10000028
PP - Pumps
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
In hydropneumatics pump faulty NRV is available. When pump 2 is in operation, pump 1 is rotate in opposite directionReplace faulty NRV at suction and discharge side of both the pump4691₹35651₹50002
In RO Plant 3 pump is used to deliver the water from RAW water tank to OHT. Pump 1 and 2 used in the RO system and deliver the water in PVC tank and pump 3 is used to deliver water from PVC to OHT. The Efficiency of the pump is placed between 5% to 13%.Replace all pump with single correct rated and efficient pump. Deliver direct water from raw tank to OHT3574₹27163₹100004
In the existing stage the TDS from RO Plant is 6 ppm. But the required TDS is in between 40 to 45 ppmProposed to install TDS meter at the main output line and maintain the TDS within the range of 40 to 45 ppm by direct mixing of raw water into the RO water. Direct mixing reduced the pump working hours and obtained the required ppm. In addition, the life cycle of RO Plant is also increased.
In Hydropneumatics pump VFD is bypassedProvide VFD in the Electrical circuit and reduce the power and loading percentage of the pump.5063₹38481₹60002
Inefficient pump is used in the pumping circuitProposed to use corrected rated and efficient pumps in the system.2063₹15679₹2500019
BL - Blower
ObservationRecommendationUnit SavingsAnnual SavingsInvestmentROIStatus
Bypass of pressurised air is observed from blower discharge lineProvide VFD for the blower and operate as per the require pressure, flow and DO level2891₹21970₹100005